Monday, May 30, 2011

How To Make A Woman Orgasm,

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Most men want to give their partners wild passionate sex, and when you know how to make a woman orgasm, watching them lose control is extremely erotic and sexy.

Listed here are simple steps you will give her intense mind blowing orgasms, when ever you chose.  And believe me, a satisfied woman will do anything you want to show her gratitude. Wink Wink.

1.Slow. Take it slow, the pleasure is in the journey as well as the destination.Women enjoy an emotional and physical experience, they are not as easily aroused as men.

2. The Mind. The key to unbelievable sex and mind blowing orgasms is getting in side her mind, discover her desires, how she likes to be touched.  Where she likes to be kissed.  Get inside her mind, learn her trigers, her buttons, her fantasies her deepest desires.

3.  Kisses. 80 % of all women feel they do not get enough kisses, kiss every inch of her body.  This will show that you love all of her and she will feel embarrassed by her bottom, belly or any other area.

4. Foreplay.  This is crucial, if you want a frenzy of love making, wet her appetite.  Create an insatiable thirst.   Foreplay can range from subtle innuendos through out the day to kisses, caress and touching all of her erogenous zones..  Slow and tantric build up will have her overwhelmed with pure lust that she will be so horny she will orgasm at the though of your touch.

5. Oral sex, it is ten times easier to make a woman orgasm if you spend  to  minutes giving her head.  All women love this, play with her private parts, tickle and circle with your tongue.  Allow your fingers to explore inside while your tongue plays, this is guaranteed to drive her wild.

6.  Listen. Her body will let you know what she likes, and if she wants more.   Let her guide the pace, if you feel your self getting to excited, hold your horses, this is about her.  Do not orgasm before her, this will leave her deflated and unfulfilled.

If you cannot last, try penis exercises, yes the do work and will not only give you the ability to last a hell of a lot longer you will also gain in the size department and increase your stamina.
Positions, don't not try too difficult moves, the main objective is for her to feel relaxed and comfortable, doggie style and cow girl are two of the best for banging her G Spot and stimulating her erogenous zones zones simultaneously.

The cow girl allows her full control to set the pace and how deep the penetration.
Doggie style is one of the best positions for deep pounding.

There are many more erogenous zones on the female body that most men do not have a clue about but they are incredible for sending shivers of excitement pulsating through her veins.

Most women when in a relationship are not as interested in sex, they reason for this is because they do not achieve orgasm and feel there partner does not put enough time or effort in to pleasing them.

She will crave sex all the time if she knows you will give her mind blowing earth shattering orgasm every time.

Discover  how to make a woman orgasm. You will be amazed how a few crucial flicks and kisses can blow her mind. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dirty Text Messages; The Secrets Of Dirty Text Messages

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Want the secrets to Dirty Text Messages. Would you the power to make your girlfriend pulsate with desire, have every inch of her body crave your touch.  Imagine knowing that as soon as you walk through the door she will be practically begging you to take her, any way you want.  She will be so turned on, she will be on the verge of earth shattering orgasms.

Tip No 1.  Remember the Brain is the Best Sex toy of them all.

Text messages are extremely powerful way to build exiciting and sexy forepaly, they are no rules to what you should send although taking your time and gradually building the intensity over a serious of texts will intice, excite and eventually send them into a frenzy of uncontroalable passion, they will be yearning with desire, in a kinda of hypnotic trance where the thought of your fingers touching their skin will send her into spasms of orgasmic pleasure.

You have probaly heard words are more powerful than the sord, and when it comes to forepaly, the words you use will give you the power to make any woman turn into a cauldren of desire for you.

Ok, a few pointers to guide you in the right direction for dirty text messages,

1.  Mild, gentle and teasing.  .
2.  Detail, desciribe in detail what you will do to her.
3.  Write something which makes her think.
4.  Set the scene
5. Live out some fantasys, is she into vampires, being ravished and excited with danger, fear and lust.  Anything is possible, yyou just have to visulaise it and through your texts, tease her, lure her in.

Example of some dirty text messages

  • Him--Hi, hun where are you,
  • Her--Home babes, in the den working on my desk top.
  • Him--What are you wearing
  • Her--Just a black track suit,
  • Him--Good, you won't mind me ripping it off you
  • Her--mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,,,,babe,,,mmmm
  • Him--You stay working babe, when I am home, I shall gently walk up behind you
  • Her--I hear something, but continue working
  • Him--I walk up, running my fingers through your hair I grasp the strands, tilting your head to the side, my kisses descend on your soft kissable neck.
  • Her--mmmmm...Oh babes,,,,,,Arching my back, leaning towards your tight ripped body, my hand reaches up  to trace the coutours of your face,
  • Him--As your fingers trace my face, my lips envelope your fingers, my tongue flicks as I gently suck on them,,,,,mmmmm Oh babes..

This is an idea of how to start, and I hope you have free texts messages.  You can build the foreplay slower or faster what ever you desire.

Life it not the destination it is the journey,,,,,mmmmm....

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